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Post news RSS Huge Demo Update // Version 0.81

A massive demo update with game changing mechanics.

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Hello people!

We come to you with the newest build labeled with numbers 0.81, that contains some big changes in the game. We have gathered all the feedback we got from you all over the Internet, took it to our hearts and commenced operation "MORE ACTION", that resulted with the changes listed below this awesome GIF:

Spiky Barricade is a new skill now!

  • A more balanced and faster gameplay - more action!
  • The overheating mechanism cools 20% faster - more action!
  • A new, secondary weapon - BB Lava Gun (in missions 2 - 4) - more action!
  • Spiky Barricade is not a passive skill anymore, you got to keep an eye on it and move it to the gate you want (see GIF) - more action!
  • And a new music track:

So go play the game! Everything here was implemented after your feedback and we need it once more so we can know whether we are going in the right direction. Despite the fact that the game is pretty close to completion we still want to improve it as much as we can!

BB Lava Gun frenzy!

Or in a more reasonable use...

We also came across the screenshot of the first build of "Fiery Disaster" in it's prototype state. We came a long way to be where we are today, but there still a lot to do!

You may also take a look on the map of one of the missions you will find in a full game.

New missions

Don't forget that we're still fighting for votes on our Greenlight campaign, so go there and give us a hand!

Have a great weekend!

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