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Post news RSS Dev Notes 2021 With a video of a live stream to the public and link to Trello free for all

The article has a video from todays demonstration of some of the 2021 roadmap, with links to Trello, where you can see what is new, in progress, What's being tested and where it stands. This is free to all who might like to check on WWII Online as we approach this our 20th anniversary, in June. It will soon be here with some exciting news and you can follow along as we progress to that mile stone. Check it out!

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Dev Notes:

Panzerjäger I


Today's live update shows the progression of the Panzerjäger I, a Tier 0 tank killer coming to WWII Online shortly! We'll walk you through the vehicle, its positions and armament. We'll also show you the armor penetration capabilities it has specifically in Tier 0 against the mighty Matilda Mk II, a feared Allied tank capable of absorbing tremendous fire power. The Matilda has been a particular source of contention with the Axis community, and let it be known - we intend to keep the Matilda performing strong and have maintained its historically tough properties. Our solution to help provide balance was to get the Germans a historical self-propelled anti-tank platform in Tier 0.

We also have some Easter eggs hidden in the video, watch closely!

We've got some Allied vehicles coming up next in our production pipeline, read more for details.

2 panzerjger1

Video Tip: Skip to 2 minutes to the beginning of the actual demo.


Our production team is continuing to work on more vehicles and since we just covered the Panzer above, we want to be sure to speak to our Allied community and let you know that the Loraine and the Universal Carrier is next in line to receive attention for implementation.

Keep a close eye on our 2021 Roadmap Public Trello (Here) for updates as we go through the process.

4 universal carrier

5 lorraine 37l apc

7 lorraine anti char


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The new Commando Class is now available in WWII Online (Details about the Commando Here)!

4 commando announcement

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