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Gameplay video on Pre-Alpha. Free Game/Jeu Gratuit. Pre-Alpha Available On/Disponible Sur: Gamejolt, Indiedb, Moddb. Test him and leave me your opinion. Tester le et laisser moi votre avis.

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The game is in azerty.

"zqsd" for movement, "space" for jump, "shift' for run,

"c" to crouch, "v" to change camera, "r" for reload,

"p" to pause, (hold) "i" to inventory & "e" to take item.​

Hold "I" key for show your cursor in the inventory.​

For take ammunition in your weapon inventory, drop this and walk on him, like to cusume the food and water.​

Infos: Death = return to menu.(hold "i" for the cursor)

Sorry for my english i'm french.

For make a magazin for 9mn use the craft panel, (bullet+empty magazin = full mag).

Thank's for playing.


Some interactions bugs with ladder and some items, for passing the door press "c" to crouch, and jump with "space" for some staircase.

This game is totaly free and is only make by me since 2014.

Enemy creatures launches stone. Dont forget this.. :)

Enemy creatures launches stone.

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