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Post news RSS How to survive a Zombie Attack!

Learn how to survive a Zombie attack with these tips! You will survive the first attack without a sword or any type of weapon, but you should still know how to survive!

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During mining, you might come across a zombie or two. If you don't have a sword and you fought with your fists, you might survive the first attack but risk dying during the second attack. Here are some tips you can use to survive the attacks!

  1. Craft a sword
  2. Purchase a pistol and ammunition (it does extra damage)
  3. Place torches in some places of the stone level (Decreases chance of attacks)
  4. Keep yourself full of hunger (Full hunger means full health)
  5. Use the pistol on the zombie
  6. Don't go mining with low health or hunger.

If you know any tips yourself, then good for you! There tips were thought up!

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