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This is a little how to play to Space PiouPiou ! The game is still at his beginning, thank you for testing my game :)

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Hello ! Thank you for reading this little tutorial !

Actualy, there is two ways to play Space PiouPiou : Keyboard and Mouse, and Gamepads

Controls are very similar :

  • ZQSD or Left Stick to move PiouPiou or Navigate in menu
  • Shoot with Middle Click or A (Xbox)
  • You must keep A (keyboard) / X (Xbox) pressed to Equip wepon to Left wing (Left Click (Mouse) or Lb (Xbox))
  • You must keep E (keyboard) / Y (Xbox) pressed to Equip wepon to Right wing (Right Click (Mouse) or Rb (Xbox))
  • You can aim with Mouse, or Right Analogue Joystick, this is the main differences
  • Start (Xbox) or Esc / P (keyboard) to Pause game and see Weapons Descriptions

If your life drop under 50Hp, screen became a little red, and PiouPiou too.
Heart can rest PiouPiou HP !

Magnets attract money to the player. Money is not usefull yet, but in a future Update, it will be used to buy weapons !

You can create an account to play but it's not necessary.

Navigation menu is still in WiP but in menu you can actually choose between Keyboard and Gamepad controls.
If there is no Gamepad detected, this options change nothing.

There is a little graphic filter to change game Aspect !

Not all enemies loot weapons. It's still in WIP too. For now, the game is just a simple scoring contest to test the gamefeel. I Hope you like it !

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