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In Unbound every enemy is affected in a different way by the sphere

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This week we managed to kill the stone golem. The stone golem is affected by being transported by the sphere. So if you have caught the golem inside the vision sphere it will follow you when you open the sphere again. :) But a video is like 1000 words so have a look :D

Problems encountered during development:

1) Make the monster invisible after you catch it in the sphere. Luckily in Unreal Engine the materials are easy to edit so a simple switch in opacity solve it very easy.

2) Collision with the ground. What happens when the monster hit the grounds? or how can he move from A to B? I still have to learn how collision works in UE4, because it's a little messy right now. Also I have to perform ray cast to see if the monster will hit something when the sphere is open.

3) When the monster is dead, I have to stop the animation. I made a stupid mistake and counter for the dying animation frames and put a condition in Update function. However if you have another FPS the counter can go nuts and as you can see in the video the monster is not dying from the first fall. :)). Now I found a function in Unreal Engine Blueprint ( StopAnimation) which works like a charm

Note that all art is based on placeholders.


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