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What does a hero have to do to become a notorious bastard in the world of Brunellechi?

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While Karma systems are not unheard of in online games, Brunelleschi has created a way to both mark the 'bad-guys' and design our system to allow these villains to be proud of their villainous achievements. In -this post- we described how Heroes can not only gain positive, but negative ranks. But how is it done? This post is for aspirant evil-doers who want to get on the fast-track to the title of 'Grand High Bastard'.

Skulls for the Throne

The first step: have no shame. Unlike most other players, your goal is now to lose importance rather than gain it. Villains can get started the moment they make a character. Already there are disreputable actions available to you. Start with begging from travelers. It's a great way to start your downward slide and puts a little extra copper in your pocket. After all, why not take advantage of the weak charitable sentiment of those who travel the roads?

Beg from Travelers

Next, trade with the evil residents of the wilderness. This can be a little risky but hey, what's a few death points when the scars only make you more terrifying? Trade with Barbarians costs only a few easily-attained Pelts and can yield a remarkable variety of bounty in return. Probably stolen from others, but that's all right in line with your goals.

Trade with Barbarians

When you're done with the wilderness, move to a settlement with a failing Security rating, something below 50%, then you can get started breaking the rules in earnest, with a much lower chance of legal repercussions. The guards can only catch you if there are any guards at all. Don't forget, even if you do get caught and thrown in prison, you're not without recourse. There are many ways to attempt escape, and all of them will further lower your importance, even if they are unsuccessful.

Swashbuckling Escape

You have several options for overt rule-breaking, but you'll have to start small. Want to piss off the pious religious core? Try 'Fast and Pray', which costs no materials and will eventually enlighten you to the mysterious ways of alternate religion. Want to upset the societal balance with wanton temptation? Make yourself distractingly attractive with 'Preen' and see where it takes you. Some villains may want to simply bash people over the head and take their stuff. Get started by picking on the already disenfranchised with 'Dominate Brigands' to learn the arts of violence and property liberation. Finally, who can say what paths will reveal themselves to those that open their minds with 'Superstitious Ritual'?

Superstitious Ritual

Casual play allows for greater opportunities for bastardry. Allow people to form friendships with you, then break them with 'Annul Friendship'. Infact, severing any relationship will further diminish your Importance score. Should anyone make the mistake of putting you in charge of courts, prisoners, or international relations, take full advantage. Dispossess the prisoners, cancel alliances and buy up every building in sight. Should you get the opportunity, try a little Gambling, then Buy or Sell a few indulgences in defiance of honorable church functions. Hunt down and murder your fellow players, they'll really hate that. Finally, Declare Enmity / Rivalry / Hatred with an eidelon of goodness. As they rise in rank, you will be inversely effected.

Declare Hatred

Fortunately for you ambitiously nefarious characters, evil is a slippery slope. The more wicked things you do, the easier it will be to do them, but be careful. Many actions / scenario rewards provide positive importance, which will slow your fall toward becoming the Supreme Nemesis.

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

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