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How to craft and sell your crafted items in Urban Tale.

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1. The Crafting Table
In order for the Player to do any kind of crafting he/she needs to first buy a crafting table.
To do that, the Player needs to go to the Hardware store which was added in the Version 0.2.0.

The Hardware Store is here:

Once the Player is in the Hardware Store and starts to talk to the sales guy and moves forward from the first dialog box, he then presents a Shopping panel with items that the store is selling.
All the way down in this Shopping panel the player will find Crafting Table.

Once the Player buys the Crafting Table he needs to place it somewhere in his home.
So once the Player gets home to the Crafting table in his inventory he needs to drag the Crafting table on to a predetermined position.

See here:

Note* if the Player wants to move to another apartment and he has a Crafting table in his current apartment. He needs to put the Crafting table in his inventory before he concludes his current apartment. Otherwise the player loses the Crafting table.

2. Getting Material
The Player needs to now get's the proper materials for his Crafting Procject.
In order do to so, the Player needs to go to the Hardware store (Same as where he/she bought the Crafting Table).
Again the Player needs to open the Shopping Panel where the seller is presenting what he is selling.
In our Scenario the Player will build a Beehive so he will need to buy following material:

  • 4 Wood Planks,
  • 3 Bottels of Glue,
  • 3 Nails.

3. Starting to Craft
Once the Player has returned home with the material from the Hardware Store. The Player needs to go to the Crafting table and press E.
A Crafting Panel should open where the player can choose what type of item he/she wants to build.
We are going with the Beehibe for this scenario.
Now we place the required Material into the empty boxes on the Crafting Panel and hit the Button "Prepare".

Like This:

Once the Progress bar is Green all the way like this:

The Player can take the Crafted Item off the Crafting Table.
This means that the Glue has Hardened and the item is finished and ready to be sold or used.

4. Sell your Crafted items on the Market or Rent a Shop
The Player has to option on how to sell his Crafted items.

  1. Selling on the Market,
  2. Selling in your Shop.

1. Selling on the Market
The Player can see his Crafted items on the Market the same way he/she would do while selling Cooked Products.

How does that work can be found here (Paragraph number 4):

2. Selling in your Shop
The Player can sell his Crafted items in how own shop.
In order to do so the player needs to go to the Kiosk and buy a Newspaper. Just above the Apartments section the Player can find the Store section.
In the Store section of the Newspaper the Player can rent an available Shop.

If he does so, the Player needs to name his Shop.

The Shop is located here (just above the Kiosk):

Once the player has Rented and Named his Shop he/she can enter it and place his crafted items on one of the empty Crates in the Shop.
The Player can set a desired Price for each of his items he is selling.
In the Shop itself the Player can, via the Computer in the Office also follow the Sales and have an eye over the profits.
Also the Player can Advertise his Shop which will attract more buyers and resolve in more sold items, if they Player puts them up for sale of course.

In order to start selling the Player has to Employee a Cashier.
If he does not do so, none of the items in the Shop will get sold.
The Player can collect his Profits anytime he wants.

Note*the Player should not set Price of individual items on Sale too high as that would not get them sold.


The End. :)
Hope you enjoyed this little Tutorial.

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