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I want to give you an idea how it should go on with my mod, so here it is:

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well as saied in the summary I want to tell you how it should go on.
First of all masterjiji has taken care of the music for my mod. That means better music in the finished mod and it will be done a way faster.

To be honest I have some troubels with blender so if someone, who knows how to combine blender and amnesia wants to help me, just write me a pm.I need also help at the textures. So if someone wants to show his/her skills at texturing in my mod feel free to speak with me.

If the problems above are cleaned you will see new screenshots and stuff like that but untill then I have not so much to show to you.

Well, thats it for now. If you have something else to tell me don´t be shy, I´m too far away to bite you ;)

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