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Understand how the idea of ​​the game came out of the insane mind of its creator.

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Hi! I’m Johnny William, the guy that had the first idea of CubIsLand.

How I had this idea?

It was as follows:

I was somewhere, with nothing to do. Then I played Super Mario Bros. 3. But I wanted to finish, in an old fashion, without using the emulator save. I lost a time, but a time that worth it, and I didn’t remembered how that game is wonderful.

So, while I was playing, little shining things jumped out from my mind. A green cube comes out, falls in front of me and greets me, saying: hi, I’m Squary and I came from Cubes World.

I entered Cubes World and knew many types of cubes, and thought: “what happens if I take this to the real world?”.

Here are my first notes:

I showed this and others notes to my brother and his reaction was: “ok”. He paid so much attention to what I was talking that, in the next day, he was forgotten everything.

On the next month we finished Space Cowboy. So my brother said: we need to make a prototype to show to the guys.

Me: What?

Jayson: A platformer, we need to make a platformer!

Then I showed Cubes World to him and: “Perfect, this is what we need!”

In two weeks he developed the prototype with stone, water, lava and floating cube. I started to make the art a week before we show to the team, and we finished everything in a rush a day before.

It worked, the team loved the idea.

And so it began.

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