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This article is about all fixes and updates. We'll post all updates here in the future.

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A huge update is already available!

We've done a great job to improve the gaming experience:

Patch 1.1

- Lightening were improved on all locations
- All cinematics and videos were improved
- Additional art design improvements on all locations
- control scheme fixed
- localisation improved
- collision fixes
- ability button bug was fixed
- locations have been optimized


Patch 1.2

Hot FIX 1 2 1920

1.2 Changelog:
- weapons handling fixed for several NPCs
- added an option to skip the intro
- save window improved
- firearms recoil adjusted
- Boss battle with "The Ghost" rebalanced
- several textures fixes
- grenade handling improved
- numerous bug fixes

We are committed to fixing bugs and crashes and will continue to work and improve the game.
Thanks all of you for the feedback!

Team Rez


Patch 1.3

Hot FIX 1 3

Changelog 1.3
What's new:
- fixed the grenade bug in the tutorial
- grenade throwing vector re-adjusted
- it's no longer possible to control the character during the Act 1 intro cut scene
- fixed the sound bug in certain cut scenes
- new feature: temporal 3 seconds invulnerability is activated if HP is below 5, with 2 seconds reset
- lowered damage income from exploding barrels for the player, increased for NPCs
- fixed the bug where a weapon would not be displayed correctly after picking it up


Patch 1.4

Hot FIX 1 4

Changelog 1.4:
- in-game videos can be skipped now
- weapon bug during Ghosts' dialogs is fixed
- better fonts for messages
- PC no longer equips an assault rifle if there are no grenades available


Patch 1.5

Hot FIX 1 5

Changelog 1.5:
- Bosses couldn't be killed if the last hit was done with a grenade - fixed
- Fixed the falling out of the level on Eden
- Now you can skip dialogues cut-scenes
- Numerous collision fixes
- Battle with the Ghost in Act 3 is improved
- English localisation fixes

Argoon - - 1,085 comments

To tell the true I like the before look much more...

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-Farflame- - - 49 comments

Guys, you improved lighting, but make the overall look worse. It looks too grey and blurry now.

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