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The main improvements for V0.01b is on environments and playable elements.

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horn max v0 01b middle

Here is the details

1 Coloring

While driving your horn monster, the skid marks will always be drawn on the grounds with different team colors. So while fighting with your opponents, you are also collaborate together to create an abstraction piece of art!


2 Ball Attack

The ball is also introduced in this version, it will be an important element in the future.

When the ball be colored with your team color, it will do huge damage on your opponents! Try to crush your opponents with a powerful ball hit!

3 Level Design

Shrink the original arena level into half size, make the whole battle be more intense.

Add stunt area and wind power to increase joyful.

4 Car Control

While your horn monster lay on the ground, press B(GamePad) or J(Keyboard) do a side rolling to stand up.

The next build will focus on user decoration and start some trials on online multiplay.

V0.01b Download LInk: Indiedb.com

Vote this game on greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

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First comment :)
A great game that needs a lot more attention.
Maybe make it so that you can access single player just by selecting 1 VS Ai rather than doing -- on the other players.
Other than that you should release the game on Mac and Linux

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1kvoid Author

Thanks for the first comment ;)
Good suggestion, we will make ui more clear both for single player and multiplayer. For the platform, currently, we are focusing on windows, will publish on mac&linux; when main features are almost done.

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Online with the ability to have more than 4 racers at once

Race mode

Sport mode (soccer, netball etc)

Make your own track mode

Make you own car mode

Their are more suggestions let me know if you want to know what they are in other words their are a lot.

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1kvoid Author

Yeah, most of your suggestions are under our plan.
Online multiplay mode is not in our original plan, but now we realize this feature is super important for this game, so we now start trial on multiplay.

If you have other suggestions, very glad to hear, thanks so much!

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A stage that happens in a sink that has hazards such as soap as well as water
Single player campaign (races, battles, missions etc)
Mod support
The ability to play other peoples tracks and others people cars and download offline versions

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Also maybe the ability for a smaller resolution screen as their is only one very high option.

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Every time I run into the ai I seem to get damaged.
Playing 1 vs 1 with ai is easy but I cannot seem to beat 1 vs 4 or 1 vs 7 I always loose :(
But that could just be because they have more paterson their side.
Instead you should make it 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 and 4 vs 4 mode in single player but have the ability to change the ai difficulty for the ai on your steam and the other team

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1kvoid Author

Thanks alvaj19, as a developer, I will miss quite amount of feels as a gamer for this game, you suggestions really help. I will keep it up :)

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