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The blobs are back! Do you have what it takes? Our cute hopeless blobs must escape the limbo dark cave using their fast minecart! Challenge your skills as you join the ride, shooting monsters and saving blobs along the way. Enjoy dynamic movements, full-range shooting, and thrilling, fast-paced action in this sequel to the highly popular Hopeless: The Dark Cave. Test your reflexes with multiple levels and a variety of weapons to beat the scary monsters in this cute and funny horror game!

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My name is Niv and I’m a game designer and one of the creators of Upopa Games. We’re a small team of developers with huge aspirations for the mobile gaming industry. Our flagship game, Hopeless: The Dark Cave, just surpassed 4 million organic downloads. I’d like to draw your attention to our sequel - Hopeless 2!

If you haven’t yet played our original Hopeless, the game involves a bunch of cute hopeless blobs that must shoot the monsters attacking them while avoiding killing their friends. Their efforts often lead to humorous mistakes and some dark humor along the way (the blobs are sometimes so hopeless that they commit suicide. Yes, true story).

The location changes for Hopeless 2, where the blobs are lost in a dark goldmine and must reach the next station safely from within their minecart. Honestly, I think this is our best creation so far and I’m really proud of it!

I would love to know what do you think about my game, and if you think that your audience will be interested in it.

Hopeless 2 Sneak Peak: Youtube.com

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, you can check out Hopeless 2 on Android to get better acquainted.

I’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts on our game.

Thanks again!

-Niv, Head Game Designer for Upopa Games

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