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We are making a four-player team deathmatch game. Players hook other players to their sides to kill, or rescue teammates from other side.

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(What’s New?) A list of what has changed this week (tweaked mechanics, added content, etc).

  • Integrated mouse control into our game, but the current version isn’t good. We have to implement mouse relative position ourselves. We have contacted the Parsec SDK team to search for some help. They said they would probably add this feature in one or two weeks.
  • Remove friendly fire.
  • Add respawn invincibility.
  • Change the audio to the audio we get from freelancers.
  • Add more combat features.
  • Players can now uppercut when the enemy is dizzy. (hold punch key for about 1-3 seconds)
  • Players can stop the enemy from pulling the hook and do a big hit on the enemy to the opposite direction. (hold punch key for about more than 3 seconds)
  • To prevent players from holding the punch key all the time. When they hold the key for more than 5 five seconds, they got a penalty.
  • Better looking scoreboard.
  • The game no longer uses a countdown timer to decide win/lose. Instead, the first team getting 10 points wins the game.
  • Player now drops a diamond when they get killed by the enemy, which is more related to our theme, two groups of pirates tried to get each other’s treasure.
  • Change the weapon showing text to the sprite they hold in hand. Player now holds a hook/shield in hand to indicate the item that they can use.
  • Add an end scene to make the result of the game more obvious, and more juicy.

(What’s the Motivation?) A discussion / summary of why you made these changes. Where is your project headed?

We made changes based on feedback from our peers and instructor’s playtestings, and redesigned our combat mechanics. Instead of just punching each other, we add uppercutting. We think this is fun and it requires some skills to do a combo.

We are also trying to make our game look more professional and juicy. Knowing the feedback that our game can be juicier, we improve the particle system of collecting power when punching, adding pirate hats for the players, and we added an ending scene to make our game more related to the theme and juicier. We also removed friendly fire to let our game be more intuitive and added quality audio to make the gameplay more intense.

(What’s Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

  • Making short marketing videos to introduce our game to other potential players.
  • Figure out a method to make the audio have better quality?
  • If possible, we plan to make our end scene and the score system fancier to match the audio provided by freelancers
  • We heard some feedback saying that we can add a bridge in the river so that players can get across to fight. We don’t know if this is possible and fun. Maybe we can have a try.
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