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We are making a four-player team deathmatch game. Players hook other players to their sides to kill, or rescue teammates from other side.

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(What’s New?)

  • Redesign the mechanics of the hook. We changed the speed of the hook to make it more playable, also, we changed the saving and collaborating attack system.
  • Hooking enemies now can cause damage to the enemy (5 health points per second)
  • The player can no longer cancel the hook. So that the player won’t easily die by falling into the water, emphasizing the use of punching.
  • Redesign the health bar showing. HP showing also depends on the colour of the body it showed.
  • Add the feature: assume that there are Player P1 (red), P2(red), P3(blue), if P3 hook P2 and P1 hook P2 to save P2, then both of the two hooks will be cancelled.
  • Add the feature: assume that there are Player P1 (red), P2(red), P3(blue), if P1 hook P3 and in the hooking process, P2 hook P3, then the first hook will be cancelled and P3 will be hooked by P2 instead.

(What’s the Motivation?)

We made changes based on feedback from our peers and instructor’s playtesting and redesigned the mechanics of the hook to make it more intuitive (make physical sense).

Since somebody said that the health bar is not clear when changing the camera of the player, we change the parenting to following. Also changed the HP system also shown by the colour of our players’ body.

To emphasize the importance of the hook, we add the damage to the hook if the player is hooking an enemy, it will cause damage during the process of being hooked.

Also, we still want to make it a multiplayer game rather than change this to a single-player game.

(What’s Next?)

  • Since saving teammates is relatively harder than hooking other players. We would add some buffs to the player who successfully saves his/her teammates.
  • Maybe we could add some drop items after the player is killed. These items may act as scores or some buffs to further emphasize the use of the punch.
  • More collaboration mechanics design and bug fixes.

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