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We are making a four-player team deathmatch game. Players hook other players to their sides to kill, or rescue teammates from other side.

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April 11 update:

Gameplay video on YouTube: Youtube.com

(What's New?) A list of what has changed this week (tweaked mechanics, added content, etc).

  • Major tutorial update. Add a lot of content and the tutorial now is more comprehensive.
  • Make the dizzy indication ring on head more obvious.
  • Add some indication of the uppercut and the big hit to make the punching more obvious.
  • Add punch spinning animation to make the punching juicier
  • Change the audio back to a high quality version.
  • Add the hit effect to make the punching juicier.
  • Change the gravity and the dizzying time to make infinite combo impossible.
  • Story scene edge fix.
  • Add back the punch push back effect.

(What's the Motivation?) A discussion / summary of why you made these changes. Where is your project headed?

As the instructor said, our damage indication is kind of vague. So, we add some warning when there are some uppercuts and big hits. Also, the grading team figured out that the game can be much juicer. So, our team adds some effect when somebody is getting punched and an animation when charging the punch.

There are five different abilities (punch, hook, uppercut, big-hit, shield) but we do not think the players know how to use them all, so we made our tutorial more comprehensive.

The player feedback told us that some people thought the shield is somewhat useless. But we think the main problem is not the mechanism itself but the lack of tutorials that clearly explain the mechanism of the shield.

There is some feedback that is impossible to be fixed at the moment due to poor Parsec features, including mouse control, cursor lock, and hiding cursor.

(What's Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

  • Improve our marketing video and try to make it funnier.
  • Reconsider the mechanism of the shield based on the feedback provided this week.
  • Find more places that we can make this game juicier.
  • Have more conversation with the parsec trying to improve the mouse controlling.
  • Make the canvas in a tutorial juicier.
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