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We are making a four-player team death match game. Players hook other players to their sides to kill, or rescue teammates from other side.

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Gameplay video on YouTube: Youtube.com

(What's New?) A list of what has changed this week (tweaked mechanics, added content, etc).

  • We tried to fix the audio. Now, clients can hear smooth audio.
  • Tutorial bugs fixed.
  • Change the mechanic of the shield, also reduce the shifting time. Now the shield is much more useful and fun. Players can use it to prevent other players from getting the diamonds.
  • Add a CD for the hook to add difficulty of the infinite uppercut combo.
  • Fixed mouse movement.
  • Parsec added GameID, the game runs much smoother now.
  • Fixed parsec-related technique problems
  • Change the color of the particle system in the end scene.
  • Add scene transition and beautify the end-scene.
  • Add aim assist but we decided to turn it off due to the game balance.

(What's the Motivation?) A discussion / summary of why you made these changes. Where is your project headed?

According to the feedback from the instructor, we try to improve our technical aspect. We try to make the game and the audio smoother for both host and clients.

In addition, the instructor has mentioned mouse controlling. So we tuned the mouse sensitivity.

Also, we tested 20 times as our instructor said and found that a pro player could combo the enemy infinitely. So, we decided to make it more difficult for players to combo infinitely, which would be much more friendly to new players.

(What's Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

  • Try to publish our game on Steam.
  • Remove Parsec from our game and use Photon. Let players use joysticks to play.
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