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What have I been up to, what is left, and more demo details!

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Hello ClimbersThis week was spent replacing a specific part of the game, and on improving the composition of the structure in certain components, along with other smaller details.

Here's my TODO list for the demo in case you're wondering what's left:

  • Visual polish / cohesion (to a certain extent)
  • Redo cutscenes, since current ones are placeholders
  • Balance difficulty and rewards for risks (easy path vs hard paths)
  • Add two more easter eggs
  • Maybe an ending cutscene

Some more information about the upcoming demo:

  • It will be released for the next Steam Festival (Restricted from saying the exact date though)
  • Average play time seems to be around 1 hour
  • There are some secrets lying around, but they're very well hidden
  • There will not be any controller support in the demo. I am planning to add it for the final game, but I just don't have enough time to do it now, and I really want to get the demo out for y'all!

Some recent features I've added are below!

Stats summary at the end of the demo for speedrunners

Redid a section to improve gameplay and visuals. Not a new feature, but this part is fun

Mouse sensitivity controls in the main menu

Mouse Sensitivity

Stay tuned for more!

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