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I stick with modular assetcreation, but my kids want rudolph the rednosed thing..

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hi @ll, i follow a basic gfx rule for Beams, to make things not to complicated.
When you think, why i am doing such basic boxmodels for my small game Beams..
Every polygon needs time to edit / create / trash /redo.
When i have to trash highly complicated stuff often, then i could loose motivation, but this basic stuff is easy to do.
Models, even such basic meshes needs time, and setting up anything in UE4 too.

Yay Sancubix

I hope i get not to distracted through this time of year and my kids, but if so, it is ok for me.
They want rudolph and other stuff, but that is to far away to be reused in beams i think.(?)

Some modular decorations for the egypt theme thing
Will morph, based on playerdistance.
Did some of them and tested a bunch of them, to limit errors to *blahblah*
It looks so basic/easy, but it is still enough workload for me to plan ahead, to get things working.

modular egypt bar beams

Based on this theme and to learn howto bind/ sync/ apply modular stuff inside UE, i did some stuff for Sancubix he got a morphbeard. ^^
Perhaps i make some more vegetation with stuff like snow on it, but that was not planned.
Sancubix got a beard! Sry about the quality, alien nazi mutant zombies, with rigged breasts (;)) attacked my software!


Here a "making of sancubix" screenie.

making of sancubix beams

Perhaps i should stop modeling stuff, i still have enough to populate demo level, but i like doing this.
Tell me, what you want to see in "Beams", or about it.
Kind regards Stefan

Have a nice relaxed time with ppl you like.

sancubix beams

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