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A new week of development ended. This time I focused more on following up on the received feedback. Also I wasn't happy with the GUI so I did some changes.

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Hello guys.

This was a good week I think. I managed to get lots of things done and fixed as I am getting more comfortable with the way Unity is working.
Change log :

- New GUI, with even more functions;

Worked on the GUI to make it look better, be more compact and intuitive to use.

- New tutorial system (quick tips shown to the player which can be easily dispatched with left-click);
Got complaints from some people that they didn't knew what to do next on some occasions (which makes sens, it's normal for me to know my game :) ). I created a tutorial system based on the same principle as the GUI, simple to use and compact. Should more information be added ?

- Added Spell icons;
I hope you like the graphics.

- Added the Artifact Repository system, where after each victory the player has a chance to receive a special artifact that will aid him further in his journey; What kind of a hoarder would you be if you don't gather the most exotic and powerful artifacts ? For now, there are 30 artifacts implemented each adding some bonuses to score or population (depending on rarity). Are there enough or should be more ?

- Changed the name of Evil Ancient Scrolls of Wisdom to something more simple : Evilpedia;
Shorter name same quantity of information :)

- Added a new AI behavior, where for each map the AI will have a different behavior (spawning different unit types and numbers);
- I'm curious what you think about it. Still needs work, but this can only be done through feedback.

- Health Bar is finally working
It took me veeeery long to implement it.

- Reduced interaction between units, but it is still not perfect (now it's too little interaction I think) ;
I'm still working on forcing the units to behave more natural.

Thank you for reading and I await your feedback.

Ashkandi - - 612 comments

Looks good so far. Why humans are giants though? :P

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primus88 Author
primus88 - - 51 comments

Maybe I should've had mention that.
The units you see are placeholders. The final models are still in the works. So in order to differentiate them a bit, I changed sizes.

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