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After the last update and strategy thoughts - here's some news about an important new strategy element!

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Hi everyone, time for a new dev update!


With a name like 'Hive Quest' you'd expect the game to have lots and lots of insects right? Swarms even. Buzzing around causing lots of mayhem all over the place.

Well now it does! Since the last game dev update this little worker bee has been implementing game mechanics for summoning insect swarms. Big clouds of drones the player can call to their side and then fly off to find something worth attacking or claiming for the glory of the Hive Queen (bless her antennae!)

These drone swarms are a very important strategy element in Hive Quest, providing the player with the opportunity to thwart the plans of enemy hives using sheer force of numbers. (See my previous article about building strategy into hive quest). Fighting battles like this can be a costly business. Every one of a player's drones is an individual with a name and particular talents. Each one that dies is a tragedy that brings tears to the compound eyes of her royal insect-ey highness.

A swarm face off

Drone swarms face-off


Also, Hive Quest will be hitting Kickstarter again so I am working on the new page right now. Please support the game & visit the new page (it's still a WIP mind you!) don't forget to hit the little 'remind' button with the green heart to be kept up to date on when things go live, and also please give feedback on anything (and also earn my eternal gratitude and possibly attract fairies to your garden...phew!).

Thanks for looking! Keep on being awesoooome ;)



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Check out the subtle UI symbol ;)

Angry looking yellow drones

Angry looking yellow drones


Um...teething problems...all fixed now

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