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I've made several changes to my current project and have taken some footage to update on my progress.

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Below is some footage I took of myself playing around with the progress and changes I’ve made with my current project, Hikikomori No Chuunibyou. Like all of my other games, I’m developing it entirely on my own.

Hikikomori No Chuunibyou is a pseudo 8-bit platform-adventure game with beat-em-up elements to be released for PC. Its story reminisces about my endeavors in local bands and skateboarding during my time as a high-school student, translating them into a retro-styled game through levels I’m designing based on those experiences while reminiscing in a fairly abstract manner.

Also, this all sounds quite cheesy but some of my reasons for the revamp are my recent interest in Durarara and a second run through the White Album anime. The other reason is that I realized it would be easier to create a more hypnotic ambience through the main character reliving those past experiences in an almost hallucinatory manner as a more accurate expression of the bits of strangeness that have occurred in my reclusive mind to dive further into the hikikomori and chuunibyou themes, rather than setting the game during the time period of those past experiences.

Lastly, I sincerely ask with the utmost kindness to please refrain from sending messages offering any sort of contribution in any form to my project. I know it's quite cheesy to explain how I express myself through my games but it also extends to my personal need to have every bit of control over everything the player sees, hears, feels, the gameplay mechanics, the levels they play, and any other aspect involved in the development of my games. Everything I do under my pseudonym, Blaze Epic, is done entirely on my own with the only exceptions being collaborations with vocalists on my music (kept entirely separate from my games). I do apologize, sincerely, for coming off as rude in any sort of way in explaining how I go about game development and everything else I do as a solo artist. ^-^

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