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5 out of 7 levels done and saving/loading now works!

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Hello Everyone,
We are getting very close to our final deadline, the Dream.Build.Play contest. Before I get into talking levels this week I would like to mention a couple pretty big accomplishments we have made thus far. Jeff has now got saving and loading to work in our game. Finally one of my favorites and the other great accomplishment is the double jump. It works like what you would expect from a classic 80's arcade game, but the only difference is it's not from the 80's.
Back to the topic of levels. The High Pass island's levels are now complete with updated art and backgrounds. Now all that remains for levels are the hidden Sky City and the Shadow Island aka the final showdown! We have also been spending a lot of time play testing all the previous levels we already have. The only difference is this time we are testing to see how well the double jump works with them.
We are getting very close to the final weeks of wrapping up our project, but as of now we are still continuing to work on the few remaining elements like final levels and missing music for a few of the levels. Like always feel free to post any comments or questions you might have about our game, otherwise if not I'm outta here!
Yours Truly,
The Level Man
Tropical Village Boss - saw blade dodged

Tropical Village Boss - saw blade attack

Tropical Village Boss - killed

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jlewis - - 3 comments

The art looks nice. Congrats and another step closer to completion.

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