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High Noon Revolver is a 2D side-scrolling action game where you shoot bad guys, earn power ups and kill bosses to regain peace to your village. You're the only last hope of your town who has the courage and strength to fight, will you be able to succeed in your journey or just lay dead on the dust of forgotten heroes.

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In the year 1850, people were living peacefully in the town of Miarra where a tough and brave sheriff together with his boy, Wesley was in-charged. One day a group of bandits came to conquer there land. Armed with revolver, the sheriff step out and faced the outlaws. He asked them to turn and walk away peacefully or they would lay down bloody. But the group just laugh at him. The sheriff pulled the trigger and they've started exchanging bullets.

With him alone, he thought he would stand a chance but the group was just so big for him to handle so he didn't notice an enemy sneaked on his back and shoot him! He fell down the ground, unconscious. Wesley runs towards him crying. The sheriff told the boy to keep his weapon and leave him in-charge. As the sheriff put his hat on the boy his vision dimmed and lay his head down dead.

The leader of the group warned the villager that they will be back in 30 days and they should give them every treasure they have or else they will kill each one of them. After the incident, the bandits leave the town and the villager helped bury the dead sheriff.

Each day Wesley trained himself how to defend his village. But he remembered what the bandits told them. He know he shouldn't left his village but if he won't end this terror he will lose everything and everyone his father took care of. With all hopes, he wore the hat and carry his revolver. Wesley stepped out of his village and bravely started his journey, it was a high noon.

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High Noon Revolver is a 2D side-scrolling action game with beautiful pixel art. As you progress through the game, the enemy gets stronger and tougher so you need to collect power ups which may change your current weapon or make you a lot stronger and faster. There are still a lot more features to be implemented into this game.

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Thank you so much guys! :D
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