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Introducing Dunlore to IndieDB. An explanation of plans for the game and what will happen soon.

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Hello, IndieDB!

I'm Exiled/Auric, the programmer/artist/map designer/website developer/lore developer for Dunlore!

Dunlore is a brand new top-down 2D MMORPG that's coming soon. It will feature in-depth NPC dialogue(something I've found lacking in many games; MMORPGs especially), in-depth lore, a large world to explore, and the classic MMORPG gameplay that we all love(with some unique modifications).

Dunlore's not quite released yet however. We've established October 27, 2013 (the 2 year birthday of Dunlore) as our deadline(though it may be released before this point). First, Dunlore Beta will be the base/structure of what is to come. However, we'll constantly be updating it and fleshing it out. Beta will consist of several skills(mining, woodcutting, cooking, fishing, smithing, attack/defense, archery, and flux shifting), a large map(though nothing in comparison to what is to come), and a decent amount of NPC dialogue(again, there will be much more once the game is released). Some of the more complicated features or features that aren't first priority (stuff like quests) will be worked on after Beta's initial release. However, we all hope you'll enjoy what we have planned for Beta!


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