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Hello everyone who follows the development of my RPG Maker project. My arch-epic-humorous game - Heroine of Might and Magic. Special thanks to those who have already played the demo and left feedback.

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The location, as the title of the note suggests, is dedicated to astrology. Speaking in secret, initially messages of the form: "Astrologers have announced the week of X" were planned purely as Easter eggs. In the first version of the game (not shown even to best friends), the astrologers did not announce the week of the rats, the week of the scorpions, etc. There was a week of a hamster, a week of a rabbit, a week of a tax collector and other "petrosian jokes that did not affect the gameplay. A little later, I modified the Easter egg, making the calendar more functional. The skill "Astrological enhancement" has been added to the game, which increases the characteristics of monsters by 25%. In the week of the scorpion, the scorpions become stronger, in the week of the spider, the spiders, etc.

It turned out quite interesting (as I see it), but the players did not find it enough. According to the results of the demo, it was proposed to "shallow the idea" by making it so that new scorpions spawn on the global map in the week of the scorpion, new spiders in the week of the spider, etc. Essentially, common enemies for farming.

At first, the proposal seemed inappropriate to me. Heroines of Might and Magic is not a game about farming mobs. You can't do without skirmishes with ordinary monsters, but I try to minimize the number of passing battles. If possible, I leave space so that groups of mobs can be run around, and there is simply no respawn of enemies in the game. There is also a minimum of money and experience from mobs. The game offers to swing and equip by completing tasks and defeating strong bosses. This is a feature of the project. From my point of view, tedious farming is the scourge of the JRPG genre, especially when there are also random collisions in the game.

But there is still a difference when the player is forced to farm, and when he goes to do it of his own accord. The choice is always good, and you also need to rest from quests and dialogues. Plus, fighting mobs is a great way to try out new moves and spells. By the way, it was to test the skills that I added the opportunity to the Warriors Guild - to endlessly fight with rats (or frogs) in the arena. Experience and money for these skirmishes are not issued, but new spells can be tested. However, it turned out not very well. From a certain point, rats become too weak opponents, not even suitable for the role of a "punching bag".

For the place of one simple dungeon, called the Cave of Stars, a whole "astrological complex" or, as I call it, "Astrosafigarium" appeared in the game (well, it starts to appear). The complex consists of:

- the Cave of Stars itself.

- the location of the entrance to the cave.

- the observatory. {{1 }}
- home of the astrologer.

- the most hereditary astrologer Vasily and his cat.

A question for connoisseurs of the game: "What is the result?" Right! This is her ... this is her ... another batch of dialogues! This is what you love so much (or, on the contrary, hate) in the Heroines of Might and Magic. I want to tell you a lot and explain a lot, even such trifles as: what kind of bird is sitting in an astrologer's cage and why he needs a boat (and also how he managed to drag it to the top of the observatory).

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