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Heroes, streamlined economy, new pretty particle effects, and a boatload of polish ahoy!

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NEW FEATURE: Heroes 1.0

  • Your units can now gain experience, and eventually will be promoted!

  • Heroic units can be leveled up to ten times, where each level adds 10% damage, and 5% damage mitigation.

  • Heroes will reappear in future battles to fight by your side!
  • Each hero has their own background story.

  • Heroes lost during a mission stated in mission results.

  • Review your existing heroes, and your hero memorial, on the world map screen.
  • Enemy commanders may attempt to focus down your heroes!

NEW FEATURE: Streamlined Acquisition Point Economy

  • Upkeep has been replaced with a much simpler population system.

  • Ground combat units and Dragonfly consume one population space, whereas gunships occupy three. Non-combat units do not occupy any population space!
  • Your Command Craft, Ground Command, and Air Command each provide 15 capacity.
  • Added new Command Tower, which also provides 15 capacity.

  • Rare Earth Metal Extractors now generate a consistent 100 acquisition points per five seconds.

  • Refineries now provide 250 acquisition points per biopolymer. 1000 per full load (4 biopolymers) from the Collector.

  • Dropped biopolymers in the battlefield will now last five minutes, opposed to one, giving you a better chance to collect them.
  • Research Labs now double acquisition point bounties from killing enemies.


  • You can now select any Construction Yard to place structures, but regardless of which Construction Yard was selected, the closest will build the structure. This makes it substantially easier to queue up many structures, no matter where they are in the mission area.

  • Added Command Craft health bar to HUD, only visible once you have received damage.
  • Added arrow pointing to where your units were last attacked.

  • Added arrow pointing to where your command craft was last attacked.
  • MOM will now mention bounties in the third tutorial mission.
  • MOM will now warn in the third tutorial mission that the player is unprepared when the enemy commander strikes.
  • MOM will say, "New Acquisition Options," upon completion of a unit that can build other units.
  • MOM will now say, "Collector lost," when one of your collectors are destroyed.
  • Differentiated under attack messages spoken by MOM, so you know exactly what is being attacked.
  • Instructions text now mentions using the mouse wheel to control your altitude.

NEW FEATURE: Upgraded Particle Effects!

  • Nearly all particle effects have been updated to match the beautiful low poly style!

  • Disabled motion blur on many particle effects, which made them appear blurry.

NEW FEATURE: United Armies Lore Added!

  • Added three new lore entries regarding the history of the Micronian people and the forming of the United Armies.
  • Added one new lore entry explaining how Micronians name themselves.


  • Increased Flame Tank's maximum speed from 5 to 7.5

  • Increased Flame Tank's acceleration from 2 to 3.
  • Increased Melee Tank's maximum speed from 6 to 7.5.

  • Reduce laser tank's vertical angle, to make it less effective as an anti-air unit. 45 to 30 degrees.

  • Doubled biopolymer costs of research topics, as they were simply too cheap for the number of biopolymers received on average.
  • Increased physical damage from Assassin Ant's sticky acid, from 1.5 to 3 damage per tick.

  • Increased fire damage from Exploder Ant's sticky fiery acid to 30 per tick.

  • Buffed commander mutator traits. Each level of hit points, melee damage, ranged damage, range, speedy meleer, and speed now add more per level.
  • Abandoning or failing missions will greatly reduce any resources returned to the world map, if there were any to start with.


  • Greatly reduced ability for ground units to appear on leafy objects, like trees and bushes.
  • Raised structure foundations up a tad, to reduce z-fighting with the ground.
  • Removed ugly brick texture from buildings, with simple flat colors.
  • Your command craft will be less likely to go full speed into a wall, when near the wall.
  • Upon evolving, queens will send out all their platoons to attack.
  • Queens will now prioritize fulfilling the oldest platoons, resulting in more consistent attacks.
  • Now each queen will specialize in a narrow selection of tactics and compositions.
  • You can now hold ALT for mouse look.
  • State speed benefit in Command Craft Booster descriptions. 200%, 300%, 400%.
  • Spaced out natural formation a bit more.
  • Added tabs to Knowledge Base, so you can more easily look up research topics, friendly units, and enemy units.
  • Ground Command will not be visible until after the second tutorial mission.
  • Enemy commander on the third tutorial mission will now target structures to expedite your destruction.


  • Cancelling buildings will return the AP spent.
  • Queued MOM quotes will now play properly.
  • Your collectors should no longer fight over the same biopolymer. How selfish!
  • Ground units drive past each other more effectively.
  • Reduced how often air units need to repath.
  • Fixed numerous pathfinding issues with air units.
  • Air units should be able to chase enemies more effectively.
  • Units that land on top of other units should now slide off each other.
  • Fixed transport box alignment on air transports.
  • Reduced likelihood of air units get stuck on edges of obstacles.
  • Reduced likelihood of walk cycles getting stuck.
  • Reduced likelihood of structures snapping onto unintended surfaces.
  • Fixed hard crash if you press escape on the hangar cutscene.
  • Fixed bug where Commanders could not target ground units.
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