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In this update, I inform you about the trailer we are working on, and the Spanish client we are working on.

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Hello everyone! So, do you want a super cool trailer for HF that will blow your mind? So do we! Because of that, we have been working on that super cool trailer, and it is almost ready to be put out there for you to see! With it, we will uncover a few secret things we have been working on, that will also blow your mind. Except, with those secret things, we will need YOUR help! So be sure to stay tuned, and track this game.

The second thing I wanted to talk about, is the Spanish client we have been working on, it is just about ready, and we might even make two trailers, one in Spanish and one in English. We are already working on Spanish documentation for the game, as well as Spanish forums. Beyond all of this, note that I am trying to get plenty of content on here to keep you busy learning all that you can about Heroes' Fate and the world, as well as its gameplay. So, expect some more videos and images today (6/13/2013)

I am also working on a lore video, which will reveal most of the lore in HF, as well as give you something cool to watch that will entertain you for a few minutes. So, I will say once more, be sure to track this game, as we have some great stuff on the way!

Make sure to visit our website, like us on Facebook, and join our forums to chat with us and other fans!

Want to see an introduction to the game? Well than take a look at the video below!

NOTE: This video is now rather outdated, however, it still gives you a great look at how you start out, and what gameplay is like.

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