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Post news RSS Heroes' Fate - Massive Update On The Way

Here I explain the plans we have for this game, and show off some new graphics / features.

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Hello everyone, time for another update! In this update, I am going to address where we are planning on taking this game. It has been turned away from that typical online action rpg / mmo gameplay style, and has kind of gone off in its own direction, mixing RPGs, ARPGs and MMORPGs. It will feature things like submarines, where you pilot that thing straight into the muddy depths of Wynthrup's docks, and try and find clues on a mysterious enemy. Of course this is very dangerous, but it is still very cool, and fun! It is very manual in terms of control, not some simple WASD movement design, but we are making you click on levers, turn dials, use a wheel, its rather intense and awesome.. We also have big plans for some sort of air travel, some kind of air balloon. That will be quite awesome in my opinion, but has not yet been built, sorry :/

Beyond that, we are still improving the graphics, and the engine itself. DX11 is not done yet, but is getting there, however the DX7 version STILL looks amazingly better, check these out:

Submarine Preview:



New Docks

Now I do have to mention just how much I love the new water.. Just take like 2 hours now to look at it! Then, look at this:

HF - New Looks

That my friends, was the old Heroes' Fate and its rather crappy water. MUCH better above eh?

Anyways, that's all I have for now! Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking by! I hope you like this, and I will leave you with that last video in case you missed it!

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