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Heroes in Brunelleschi can choose to rack up fame or infamy, and compete for most famous or most notorious hero of all time.

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The Renaissance is a time of exemplars, where people outside the aristocracy and existing power-families rise to the top through hard work and incredible luck. People with nothing but raw talent and work ethic became leaders of vast trading empires. Heroes whose family names had never been written down will hear their name ring out across the known world. In short, Heroes have a place in the Importance game, and so we at BruneGame added Hero Ranks to our design.

Heroes can now compete with each other for the highest, most respected rank of "Chosen One", the most blessed by the wealth and progress of the Renaissance. Heroes at the highest ranks will undoubtedly stab, sabotage and strive to outpace each other in pursuit of this title that only one character can hold. To be the most important person to have never been born to a noble family.

However, Fame isn't the only way that heroes can make their names known. Not every great name in the Renaissance was spoken with admiration. There were also great villains. Bastards, Robber Barons, and Dread Pirates ruled lands, coasts and vast trading empires, associating their names with fear instead of respect, with horrors instead of charities. This too, you can play out in Brune.

Heroes who don't want to be the good guy can instead dedicate their time to becoming the worst person in the known world. With great evil effort, Heroes can achieve negative ranks, and gain notoriety among the darker circles. Seemingly admirable players will covertly hire you to assassinate their enemies. 'Respectable' Guilds and Settlements will hire you to burn the store houses of their rivals. The very worst Heroes, the ones most dedicated to evil will find themselves competing for the lowest possible rank, a position only one vile Hero can hold. This ambitious villain will simultaneously gain the title of 'Supreme Nemesis' and the 'Grand High Bastard' achievement. A trophy any great evil would be proud to put on the mantle of their dark castle.

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