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Hello! I want to tell you about the various parameters of the hero and how they affect him.

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Hello! I want to tell you about the various parameters of the hero and how they affect him.


Stats of the hero are divided into three groups: main stats, combat stats and resists.

The main stats are the character's health and mana. I think there is everything clear.

The combat stats are the attack and spell power, their chances for a critical hit, the accuracy of the hero, the chance of evasion and the chances of blocking attacks and spells. Eight in total.

You can notice that the combat stats, except for accuracy and evasion, are duplicated for physical and magic attacks. It's simple: the abilities in the game are divided into attacks (physical) and spells (magic), and each of these categories has its own stats. The damage of each ability is determined as a percentage of the attack or spell power, for example, in ability description can be something like “Deals 120% of the spell power with fire damage”. Accuracy and dodge are same to attacks and spells. During the application of the ability, the accuracy of the attacker is first checked, then the target’s evasion, then his chance of a block of the appropriate type.

Resist stats are responsible for protecting the hero from various influences. There are seven of them: resistance to physical damage, poison, damage from fire, frost, lightings, and black magic, and stun resist. Resists reduce the incoming damage, as well as reduce the chances of applying of negative effects. So fire resist, for example, reduces the chance to start burning, and physical resist reduces the chance of bleeding.


The hero has eight characteristics: strength, agility, intellect, will, stamina, speed, attentiveness and luck.

Strength slightly increases health and increases attack power.

Agility slightly increases the attack power, increases the chance of a critical strike, as well as the chances of blocking attacks and evasion.

Intellect affects mana and spell power.

Will increases mana and spell power too, but less than intellect and additionally increases the chance of a spells to critical hit, spell block chance and black magic resist.

Stamina increases health and all resists. Black magic resist increases less.

Speed affects the chances of blocking attacks and evasion, also it determines the turn sequence in battle.

Attentiveness increases the hero's accuracy, as well as the chances of dodging and blocking attacks and spells. Increases the chances that hero will notice something hidden.

Luck increases the chance of success of any action.

But the characteristics affects not only to how good the hero will be in battle. Also on the characteristics depend the maximum levels of skills (we will talk about them another time), and the ability to perform various actions. There’s why enhancing of the characteristics should be based not only on the desired combat results, they can have a great influence on the gameplay in general.

Of course, this is not the final version, and by the time the project is completed, there can be made some changes.

That's all for today, thanks for reading to the end, I hope you were interested. Next time I will tell you about the hero’s skills.

See you later!

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