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Post news RSS Here we are again, with empty walls!

Yeah, we still alive, and have some news about project, twitter, motivation and nerves.

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Here we are again, in the same spot, where we have began.
After some "Great bugs war" between me and FPSC some time ago, I was totally destroyed. I took really big holidays from development. Last tear of my patience you can see on this screen shot =(
Last big bug in my patience.
(Disappearing walls and floor in the last test)
You can`t imagine how many problems I`ve got on my back! So yeah, that whole time wasn`t taste as sugar at all =)

But all of the sudden, like it typically happens, muse went back to me!
Once upon the time, when Vladislav was doing some routine, he thought "What if I will delete all this 125 and 150 meshes, put one standard wall on another standard wall, and put roof little lower?". And so he did. And everything worked fine (better than last segment), and detalisation level was higher...
So yeah, I`m not only erased mesh bug, but actually updated detalisation, as you can see on screens below! =)Screens for the 7th of november.Screens for the 7th of november.

(Before and after)
Off course there are some new bugs, but I can determinate it in no time =)

Some information updates.
As you can see in the right corner, there is twitter message board. So yeah, feel free to watch it =)
Small guide: Zepper - my russian account, so there will be russian post as you already get (obviously) =)
Wolf Interactive - account for english community. As soon, as we will make some progresses, we will write in there =)
And off course, if it well be easier for you to follow as: @Zepper5 (me); @Wolfinteracive (team).

Thanks for watching us! Stay tuned for new screens and news. Peace out =)

P.S. About web-site: still don`t know how I will make it alive =(

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