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Crazy Memory is a new game being developed by Exiled Mind Games. Here we tried to build something that has less guts everywhere and see what happens. We hope you all enjoy it.

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Hi Everyone playing our games.

Today we present you a new game, "Crazy Memory"

"Proceed with caution! This isn't your grandma's pack of memory cards. It's Crazy Memory, a new twist on the classic memory card game. Match pairs and watch as they splatter the screen with ink or eggs, summon ghosts and much more! You'll never know what to expect!"

Main Menu Hard difficulty

We hope that you all casual gamers enjoy this game.

Now... before someone drops the ball saying "EXM Games what happened to your bloody games ??? why with all the blood splattering, guts on the floor and zombie heads flying fun, you guys work on a casual game now ?"

The truth is that we wanted to build something good that was casual too. Not too long ago we built a game named Fun Space, in collaboration with "The amazing era". Since it was our first "team and team" game, it was a disaster.... and thats why you guys didn't know about that game haha.

No, seriously, play fun space, we aren't kidding

Back to the point. After developing Fun Space, we wanted to create something casual that is actually enjoyable. So Crazy Memory was born.

What can be more cassual than a classic memory game, however at EXM Games everyone is crazy and we wanted to put that to use. Here are some of the cards.

Some cards Some cards Some cards

If anyone knows what we were thinking... then please tell me because I don't know.. ..

Thanks for reading


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