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Indie Week is a new home for indie devs to sell! I have created this home for one game per week sales. This is not a big complicated store. One game is sold per week and one game only!

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Devs receive 90 of all sales

Yes you read that right!

My name is Eric I have created a new store for indie devs to sell their games and get pretty much all the money earned right back.

The reasoning behind the name is we only sell one indie game per week. It can be with a special price or a normal price depending on what the devs want to sell it at. The site is completely for devs! I believe they should get the most money for their sales which is why I have decided on a 90% return to the devs.

Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in selling your game on the site. Please spread the word! The more people the more sales possible. Let's help indie devs get the money they deserve.

What current sales outlets look like -

Devs receive 90 of all sales 1

Site - Indieweek.store

email - eric@indieweek.store

Go indie devs!

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