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Helper bots got new AI, See yourself in the mirror, Change your sex! If that does not strike your fancy, go trough trap doors and sell a bunch more new items to your ever growing customer base!

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Helper Bots, Mirrors and Sex Changes

Good day merchants! A new shoppe Keep update has just gone live which includes a variety of fixes, some new features and a smashing new mirror in the player house to totally check yourself out.

Shoppe Keep Helper bots

First, the helper bots have received a massive upgrade to make them 300% more helpful. No longer should they refuse to acknowledge your orders or refuse to stock items. A gobliness engineer has been spending the last couple of weeks tinkering with the brain of these mechanical minions to make sure that they are an optimized object picking, thieve zapping restocking machine. They will now pick up five items at a time and when restocking they will no longer only stock the top item in their inventory, they will now cycle through items in their inventory to check if there is a space for it. Check them out in action below:

The Helper bot no longer requires fuel, oh no! Due to recent labor laws, these machines now are entitled to a minimum hourly wage. Depending on the job they are set, they will be paid a standard hourly rate which will be deducted from your finances. Thankfully, you can check your outgoings and incomings in the gold per minute section of the order scrolls stat area.

Are you struggling to answer the all-important question “Who am I?” well, look no further than your own player house and use the mirror to get a good look at yourself.Strut your stuff, pull some poses and look dapper!

Shoppe Keep: Mirror

Feel like this external vessel is not a true representation of your inner self, well simply go to the options menu and you will be able to change that too! Introducing the Female Shoppe Keeper!

Shoppe Keep: Keepers

It is normally quite dangerous to go outside at night. The town can be quite vicious after hours so it’s best not to keep your shoppe door open during these times. But I understand, you want to visit your house and chill after a long day at work. Thankfully in the back room there is a trap door that will take you straight to your house. You can avoid all sorts of nasty creatures that scour the town at night.

Shoppe Keep: Trap Doors

Shoppe Keep: Trap Doors

The next few updates will include a bit of new customer interaction logic, crafting overhaul and more!

Dont forget to visit us on Steam!

A full changelog for this update can be found below:

Changelog 18/03/2016

  • Player has received a unique Shop Keeper skin and can now choose to play as a Female Shop Keeper
  • When holding an item you can now press ‘5’ to inspect it
  • Helper Bots received an upgrade to their outdated MK II control module forged by some old farts back in the day into an awesome MK III by a goblin engineer the shopkeeper commissioned earlier
  • Helper Bots pick up a max of 5 items at a time to bring back to the Bot dock
  • Helper Bots loop through all items so they won’t just only try to stock the first item in their inventory
  • If a Helper Bot’s dock is destroyed all items in it will be transferred to the shopkeeper
  • When landing, the Bots will correctly rotate to face the Bot docks’ facing direction
  • You can interact with the Bot only when he is not flying
  • Helper Bots will drain gold every minute depending on what they are doing, the gold drain is added up every minute to the statistics window together with Gold per minute gain
  • Fuel has been removed from the order list and its recipe removed as well, any leftover fuel should be dropped into the grinder for a bonus bone material (Just because Arvydas is nice)
  • New helper bot texture to commemorate new AI and to help him be more visible in the background
  • Performance upgrades to customer and bot logic
  • Code for personal chest has been rewritten and should perform better
  • New Tier 3 Rogue set, these items can only be found…
  • Phaseable door added to the player house
  • Beautiful mirror added to the player house
  • New Grill Model
  • New Grinder Texture
  • Trying to move further than the skill window scrolls will loop you back to the other side
  • Barbarians will dress up a bit in winter
  • Painting in the back room randomly changes on startup
  • All the rest of achievement trophies added to the personal house
  • Unique trash and boss loot from all Champion adventures
  • More filtering for the ever-growing item list, filter by either type or tier / engineering / farming or mix them together!
  • Secret useless feature added
  • 1 new recipe
  • Pants/belts/boots and shoulders added to tiered armor sets for mages
  • New Seasonal potions
  • Trap doors added to the personal house and back room for easy access between the town/personal house/back room no matter if the doors are closed or open
  • Player starts in his personal house now
  • Future Broom unique sounds
  • Loads of new item/object placement and retract sounds added
  • Added information when placing furniture that tells you what it can hold
  • Icons will now be displayed when scrolling through items in your inventory to show which object can display them
  • New plate models
  • The current day and season are now displayed on the Quest board in the back room
  • When grinding objects, the grinding output is displayed in the middle of the screen
  • Save file screenshot modification
  • Refreshed main menu
  • Slight UI updates to the Main Menu and skill pane
  • Pathing fixed on the trees outside
  • Buttons to load different shop saves and browse customers
  • Shop save file displayed in shop menu
  • Tells you that you can open the shop with ‘E’ when looking at the door
  • kPoint gain option is now in the My Shoppe Panel
  • “Are you sure?” check added to resetting progress option
  • “Shop has been saved” text is more visible
  • Various bug fixes
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Nice changelog. :D

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments

keep up the great work guys!

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