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I'm now actively recruiting new team members to help speed production up!

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I've been working on this project alone for several weeks whilst I work with DarkRobin on his project and another personal project of my own, I find it hard to keep up with all three projects since they both require a lot of attention. So I am in need of people to take up some of the work-load.

I need people that can:

- Create & edit troops
- Create & edit items
- Create face codes
- Create 3D models
- Perform repetitious tasks

If you can do any of these things plus use the Module System, I would be happy to take you onto the team, I have no other requirements.

Temporary roles I need filled:

- 2D artist
- Scener

These roles are only temporary whilst my other team members are unavailable.

Take note: I am not looking for beta testers and writers.

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