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3D model designer wanted. If you meet the requirements, let me know.

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Okay, so. I could use some help. I can learn and do all this scripting on my own. I can do very basic modeling on my own, but when it comes down to it, I need a 3D model designer to assist me. It's nothing too huge yet. Not until things start getting more heavily needed.

While the offer is up, I need somebody who is able to do 3D models and basic texturing. Nothing too godlike in the textures department, but I am horrible at tedxturing models. If you draw a basic texture for me to attach to the model, I can edit it.

What I need:

  • Someone with intermediate to advanced knowledge in 3D model design programs such as Blender or Milkshape.
  • Somebody who has beginner to advanced knowledge in attaching textures to models.
  • Somebody who can design a basic humanoid model with joints and weights.
  • Somebody who can communicate easily and transfer files with ease.
  • Obviously, somebody with a decent work ethic and wants to volunteer.

If you meet these prerequisites and want to help out, that would be greatly appreciated! With that kind of help, I could speed progression of this game up tenfold!

Keep in touch, ladies and gentlemen!
--Itami @ GRIM Studios

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