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There's loads of ways you can help support me and this game.

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From testing to donations anything can help me make this a better game.


I have no right to ask for donations but a lot of you asked if you could support me in my development in that game and the overwhelming response from everyone has made it impossible for me to not finish this game.

I've never been so motivated in my life to finish something and with your help i'll be able to.

I'm asking for $1500 dollars which is way more than i deserve but it'd help me in getting this off the ground. But even if you can't donate please help me make my game better by heading over to Indiedb.com and downloading the playtest environment and give me your advice on what should be tweaked and what should be added as it get's updated.

Let me know what you guys want and i'll do my best to give you the best game I can.


How can i play it? i download the .rar and i can' find an .exe

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Studiousdewsh Author

just extract the .rar file

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