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Help Needed!

Development: I am in need of help in a few areas, firstly, scripts. and how to add/remove them from a module without source to build from, only editable .txt files. Other areas would be trying to fix the tanks, and make them semi-playable. Currently they *did* work, but required anti-tank spam. They also had a tendency to spawn in the sky, which the AI couldn't shoot at. Aircraft were also present, but these are beyond repair, it's too hacky and looks awful.

Credits: Finding the original asset creators, and figuring out exactly what was causing the disputes between developers over this. I have removed all* the copyrighted assets myself, but regardless of how "dead" the mod may have been, or how inactive the asset makers are it's still respectful to give credit to those whose work has been used. On this front I am pleading innocent until proven guilty, because the assets that were argued over are untouched as I haven't worked on replacing equipment/armour yet.

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