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Vote for the new Indie Bundle Tracker logo in the comments.

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These are not the final options for a logo! Anyone is more than welcome to give it a shot. Send me all entries to IndieBundleTracker@yahoo.com or leave a link in the comments.

I planned on giving the winner a bundle [probably of their choice] or making them an admin. or both maybe.

I have some different pictures that I'm trying to decide between at the moment.

Take a look for yourself at the link below and let us know which one you like the most in the comments.

Imgur album here

/\ # use the slideshow by simply clicking on the first picture and it should pop up # /\

These aren't final though, if you are already working on something for us or plan to, keep doing it. We can change the logo at any time. These are just the ones we've gotten so far.

I'd also like to thank everyone for taking the time to make these logos for us, we really appreciate it.

How to vote:
Leave a comment below saying which logo you like. Only one logo may be voted for per user. The logo with the most votes out of the Steam and Desura comments wins and will replace our current logo, as well as a prize.

In other news: Yesterday we hit #25 out of 2093 on the Desura popularity list!

....and then slowly fell back down to #41 but THAT DOESN'T MATTER RIGHT NOW!
We were in the top 30 Desura groups and we only had 50 members at the time.
Thank you! This is a really big step into making this a brilliant Desura group.

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