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The co-developer talks about the bare essential details of the game and how it was conceived while answering some FAQs in this short post that was Isometric Dawn's official announcement.

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[This was originally posted over at Isometric Dawn's website on April 9th, 2016.]

Hello World!

Last year, around Christmas, I sat at a coffee shop while a gentleman in his thirties looked at his laptop on the table with affection. He was happy. I would later learn, as I walked out and saw his screen, that it was a mighty castle built in minecraft. This act of creation made him happy.

See, video games are really great at that.

We, as gamers and enthusiasts of interactive entertainment enjoy our share of games that focus on the act of creation and the act of building something mighty. It was with this idea in mind that I decided that I wanted to make a game that allowed for the act of creation. I contacted my good friend and frequent collaborator Lance Talbert who was happy to jump on as co-developer. With many months behind us that were spent in the creation of the aforementioned game, I am pleased to announce Isometric Dawn.


Q. What is Isometric Dawn?

A. Isometric Dawn is an isometric city building game.

Q. What modes do you have in Isometric Dawn?

A. Well, I’m glad you asked, oddly scripted questioner. Isometric Dawn ships with the staple sandbox style ‘Free-Mode’ , a set of campaigns that are handcrafted and also tools that allow for the creation of custom maps and content, all on day one.

Q. Who’s on the development team and who did what?

A. The development team consists of Lance Talbert and me, Harsh Gupta. Lance is the programmer and the technical guy between us. He also served as the music composer for the soundtrack. I am the designer for the game, its levels and campaigns and I also provided the art for the game.

Yes. We’re really exhausted after months of working at it alone.

Q. When’ll the game be available?

A. Circle the calendar on the month of May… yeah, we’re not sure, but It should be in the month of May, 2016

Q. Can I Youtube it?

A. Absolutely. We’re fans of content creators and we absolutely want to support them. Feel free to do whatever you want with the game as long as it adheres to Fair-Use. Read more here.

If you have a question, shoot us an e-mail or comment and we’ll answer it. Expect a lot more information dropping at a steady pace, checking our updates on our Twitter, for example, would a good idea.



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