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Here we are. Cope with it. First game ever made. First post ever made. We have been working on it for two years now.

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Who are we? Three Students from Germany.


What is the game about? Inspired by games like super meat boy, shovel knight, super mario world and magicite, we are creating a 2D Pixel-Art Platformer where a young inexpierenced hero has to save a princess from Death's grasp. Giving the story a funny twist here and there. It is surprising difficult to make a hard - but not impossible hard - game.

How far along are you? Currently, we have one of five planned stages nearly compleated. We created our project from scratch in C++ using only OpenGl and OpenAl. Since most of the groundwork is done, the rest of the stages will (hopefully) need less time.

TinyRaven over and out.

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