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A quick introduction to what Hashtag Dungeon is and what we are trying to achieve! Also some cool links to articles about our game from various websites across the internet!

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Hello World!

So this is our new Indie DB page for Hashtag Dungeon! We thought it'd be a good idea to set one up as we get ever closer to our summer release date for the games first version. Hashtag Dungeon is a game developed by Sean Oxspring and Kieran Hicks, it is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with an interesting social twist: all the dungeons you play in the game are made using tweets!

How does that work? Well each tweet corresponds to a room in a dungeon somewhere - we don't just randomly parse any tweets though: we have our own dungeon syntax that you guys can use to make some really cool looking dungeons.

2,-4/Normal:22S:12B:32B:23B:21B:20B:/ #HashtagDungeon #Lobland— Sean 'Oxy' Oxspring (@OxyOxspring) February 19, 2014

The game is all about collaborative level design: any user can tweet to any dungeon to add rooms - potentially making massive labyrinthine dungeons with hundreds of monsters and things to loot. We've already seen some amazingly creative stuff made by our team of alpha testers - they've used our in game editor in ways we'd never have expected and we can't wait to see what everyone else does.

We're looking at supporting the game after release with frequent and interesting updates full of new enemies, room types and items. Hopefully the game will develop a cool community that we can get feedback from. If we find someone using the editor in a way we've not expected we'll try to take that on board to make the game even bigger and better!

We've already seen some really
positive reactions from the press and people on Twitter:

If you're interested in the project then you should send us a message or follow Sean and Kieran on twitter. We're more than happy to talk to people about the game and we're generally cool guys!

@OxyOxspring Can confirm. Am Cool.— Kieran Hicks (@Kieran_Hicks) February 18, 2014

Thanks for reading!
- Hashtag Dungeon Team

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