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A quick introduction to Flatshot: A minimalist free as in freedom bullet hell game.

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Flatshot is a bullet hell game focused on fast-paced gameplay and minimalist aesthetics.

First demo video

This prototype was designed on three days non stop at the Startup Weekend.

The Music

The music was made to accompany the trance and tense game experience.

Download the first demo!


Windows Demo (Startup Weekend Version)


Linux Demo (Startup Weekend version)

OSX version is under development, once finished we'll post it on the downloads section. Sorry about that.

The Team

The development began at the Startup Weekend Mega CA. Were able to complete the first prototype and win the #1 place in the gamming development track. After that we have continued the development. Now, with less time pressure, we have been able to strength the group workflow and create process.

Flatshot on the Startup Weekend Mega Flatshot on the Startup Weekend Mega

Flatshot on the Startup Weekend Mega

Rosalila Shooter Engine: Our free as in freedom engine

Before the Startup Weekend, we developed an LGPL licensed engine specialized on bullet hell games. LGPL means that everyone is free to modify, share and use the engine for any purpose. We wanted it to be GPL (100% free as in freedom) but it wouldn't be compatible with Steamworks. So while we wait for Valve to make a compatible version we'll keep it LGPL. Common Valve! Hurry up!

Rosalila Shooter Engine

Image 1

What's next?

Now we plan to release the full game on Steam. But before that we're going to keep working on the core game experience. We have made some significant changes on the gameplay, HUD (by completely removing it @.@), sound effects etc... But we'll write about it on another article.

Image 5

Thanks for reading! All comments, insights, help is appreciated!

We'll try our best to keep you guys updated with Flatshot news. Join us in this large and exiting journey.

See you around!

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