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A short(ish) post about the game and development of it.

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Hello, everyone! I'm the developer of Lexicon. I got the idea for the game about 5 or 6 years ago, and since then the idea has changed constantly. Very recently, I began actually creating the game.

I aim for this game to have a lot of customizability. For each weapon type (pistol, sniper, shotgun, etc.) there are a certain number of base parts. Each part looks different, and has different stats that modify things like Accuracy, Rate of Fire, total weight of the weapon, and more. In this way you can tweak your weapon to the way you want it to be. The same goes for armor. You have 3 base traits with the armor: Strength, Speed, and Stealth. Each armor part type (helmet, chest plate, arms, and legs) will modify these attributes.
So, in the end, you can create a class with silent, stealthy armor and a good set of long range tools, or a class with strong armor and huge, heavy machine guns. Both deadly in the right hands.

On the subject of development, I work on this as much as possible. I lot of my friends are ready to help me test out any bugs or new features. I'll be doing my best to post a lot of images and videos here, as well as some testing builds as often as I can. As of right now, I'm working on multiplayer, and fixing some issues with firing weapons.

So, I suppose that's it! I hope you guys enjoy what I post (I know there's not much now), and thanks for taking the time to check out Lexicon.

- "whattapancake", developer

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