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CEO Mike gives a quick overview on Aphelio, why we're on IndieDB and what we're aiming to give back to the community on here.

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Logos and promo materials

Hi guys, we're Aphelio a developer and publisher working on a cross-platform HTML5 game engince called 'Marv', and we're looking to release our first titles using the engine in the coming months.

We only set up our IndieDB.com profile today, and we’ve already made a few cool friends on here and received a few nice comments, not to mention getting a nice number of profile hits! For us, Indie DB is an excellent platform for us to meet new people and chat to them about all things Aphelio related, not to mention look at some cool games too. So after spending some time on the site I thought I’d quickly review what we think about the sight but more importantly discuss what we can offer to the community as a developer.

I think its great that there are no requirements to join, that its free, and it features all types of developers from bedroom modders to established indie companies working on their own titles. This accessibility is essential to maintain the sites popularity, and there is a great balance of amateur and professional developers which works really well.

So what have we contributed to IndieDB so far? Well, we’ve added our company for starters, and we’ve received a lot of hits in just under 2 hours, which is great exposure for us and means our message is reaching to further edges of the web. So thanks to IndieDB for that, we will repay you with some quality games in the future!

To further return the favour we’ve also created a ‘HTML5’ discussion group for all HTML5 developers, and are looking to do our first blog post to build that group over the next day or so, which we will also upload to the group, so check that out when it’s available. There is currently no HTML5 community (it seems) on the site, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to become the forerunners of that movement within the IndieDB community.

We’ve also commented on some cool games (fanboy much?) and uploaded our promo images, as well as uploaded some information on our cross-platform HTML5 game engine named 'Marv'. Not bad for a few hours work, and all made easy by the exceptionally simple yet effective user interface of IndieDB.com!

So if you haven’t already, you can follow our company, engine and game development at Indiedb.com and befriend our profile and follow our blog at Indiedb.com.

You can also test our games for free and earn free goodies by signing up to our exclusive 'Test Pilot Initiative' at


We think its great that IndieDB offers so much to developers. It offers great exposure, access to a great community, gives you a marketing and promotion platform and allows critique from a comprehensive community of developers. And all this for free! #winning

We’re very happy we found the IndieDB, and we offer our full support to the site, as they have already supported us so much in just under 3 hours!

Thanks for your time, thanks to IndieDB.com, and I hope you liked the review and quick insight into us as a company.


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