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Go ahead, make my day and wishlist Hell Denizen now on Steam!

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Finally got Hell Denizen appear on Steam. The tax stuff was simpler than I initially thought, setting up the Store page took longer. The story line changed in the process.

Now the game takes place on Earth that has been invaded by demons with evil laws. They found out the player character is transgender and are now hunting her. Now she must fight and start a rebellion to overthrow the evil demon rulers.

The rebellion element opens up some possibility for ally characters, but it's still to be decided if there's going to be allies or are they just mentioned during play? Other more sure plans are to make some Wanted posters about the player character, some other random posters and an evil banner for the demons.

Wishlist Hell Denizen

My plan/status for Early Access has 10 levels for story mode and there's 7 completed (minus the posters and banners) and 4 levels for dm/survival and there's 2 complete and 1 that could be bigger. Also should there be a boss enemy in the first Early Access version? At the moment there's only the regular enemies.

Menu is still quite wip and needs to be simplified and some settings moved to some "advanced settings" menu. HUD might get some little adjustments too.

I'm estimating 1 to 2 months from now to get the first Early Access version released. Possible Linux versions would come much later, and I may need some help with getting a Linux version into Steam. So, for now it's going to be just a Windows version.

Here's some pictures with text:

Level 05

Hanging around in the metal yard in Level 05. This is the first level where you need to find all 3 keys to get to the level exit.

Level 09

Firing the sniper rifle at the bottom of the pit in Level 09.

Level 12

Surrounded in Level 12. This level is still incomplete and doesn't necessarily appear in the first Early Access release. Depends a bit if the first release has levels from 01 to 10 or are some levels slots skipped and filled later?

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