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Helical Games is looking for Volunteer Developers.We already found a fantastic character artist through this method, Dylan Banks, and now we are extending it to a more public level.

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Helical Games is looking for Volunteer Developers.We already found a fantastic character artist through this method, Dylan Banks, and now we are extending it to a more public level.

This call is primarily in search of people to concept levels and environments, however we are also looking to add a few more programmers to the team as some of our members have changing schedules.Helical Games is a start-up game company working on our first title. We can get it done with the existing team, but adding more artists to our roster would make things more efficient. Our current title is somewhere on the artistic level of a Ratchet and Clank game, so in other words, if you don’t do realistic work, you are probably a better fit.Other positions we could use more of:

  • 3D modelers – capable of working at or under 20K polys per object or character (preferred applications are Maya or Max, but we cannot supply these at this time, as long as your application can export to a common format (e.x. fbx or obj) then you are fine.)
  • 3D animators – If you can rig your own models this is preferred, and you should be familiar with working with a bone naming standard. (Maya is preferred for this, however if you can get your animations into UDK from your application then you are fine but our other animators may not be able to collaborate directly with you)
  • Texture artists – our two primary texturists do most of their work in zbrush or mudbox, if you can do that great, if you simply work in a painting application, that is great too. We just want the results. (You need to be able to work at resolutions that are powers of 2).
  • UI artists – we have no one dedicated to this currently, so we have no set standards yet, however UDK utilizes Scaleform, so familiarity with this is a plus.
  • Concept artists – whatever your artstyle, we can always use you if you have the talent! (preference given to those that can work quickly, but with quality)

Compensation:These are volunteer positions, as such we don’t require any professional experience, nor do we directly ask for a set amount of your time, you work on your terms, worst we can do is move on without you. Also, regardless of how long you stay with us, the following is true; any and all work you do for Helical Games, will remain intellectual property of Helical Games and we reserve the right to use it, but agree to credit you for it’s creation, both in this title, and future ones where it is used(even if the asset is recreated, we credit you for the original design). However, you are free to use the asset in your portfolio, or other means to advertise your skills, so long as you do not directly monetize it, or use/distribute it to another project or title outside of Helical Games. The exception is selling prints of concept art, that is allowed. Selling a work to another company however, is not.

Please note that you will be asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before we give you information on the project. This does not obligate you to anything, but merely confirms that you agree not to disclose non-public information about the project for a set duration.As such it should be noted that this position requires an age of 18+.

More information:

Email positions@helical-games.com with questions and to send in portfolios (preferably links to web-based ones, but pdfs will be accepted), to apply to join.

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