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An update on what we are planning for fighting moves and information about the head targeting mechanic.

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We have added head targeting to the Gang Beasts punch mechanic to increase the variety of punches and punch combinations and to assist targeting the closest threats. We plan to use the same targeting script as the basis for the enemy AI. Head targeting also allows small characters to efficiently hurt large characters by assisting them to strike targets above their shoulders (heads take more damage per blow relative to the body or limbs).

Head targeting can also be used in combination with the grab mechanic to hold enemies while attempting punch them, this is brutal in the current build, we plan to add a weakening grip mechanic to make grappling with enemies more balanced and strategic.

We want to limit fighting moves to attacks and blocks that an average gang member in 70's / 80's gang films (The Warriors, Streets of Fire, The Wanderers, Escape from New York) could be expected to execute, currently we are planning shoulder throws, ground kicks, elbows (elbowing enemies who have grabbed you from behind), uppercuts, and head charges.

We also expect the physics and pose control system we have built for the character movement to support holding and ramming enemies in to (or off of) street furniture and vehicles.

e_Glyde - - 331 comments

Looks kinda funny at the start until you started to wale on him.

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glumjamesbrown Author
glumjamesbrown - - 1,253 comments

This test was brutal as the second player was effectively passive (other than a sneaky jab at approx. 1.03 minutes). We expect that fights will register as less brutal when characters are exchanging blows and gripping is limited and can be broken (this video was the least brutal of the three tests we recorded).

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