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It is time to release a bug fix patch and couple of requested enhancements into Aurora Heir. Free demo update available!

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Have mercy on hunters | demo update (v0.1.2)

It is time to release a bug fix patch and couple of requested enhancements into Aurora Heir. Also since summer is here, I'm moving into relaxed mode and going to take some vacation. Need to do some hiking, fishing, building etc. projects and of-course spend quality time with friends and family.

Unfortunately saved games from version 0.1.0-PA are not compatible with version 0.1.2-PA. Game is still in pre-alpha phase, which basically means that everything is subject to change. Please submit bugs, ideas and enhancement via in-game bug icon button or by email to pihkura.productions@gmail.com

This update has been named as "Have mercy on hunters" and it is dedicated to all hunters, who have died in-game while trying to hunt bears and wolfs.

Aurora Heir Pre-alpha demo v0.1.2

blog5 Hunter01

blog5 Hunter02

Enhancement Requests

  • Relaxed builder / manager mode
    Unlock “Creative” difficulty in demo.
  • Change how units harvests resources
    Currently buildings that are able to harvest different resources (such as Townhall) can be set to harvest only one resource. This has been changed so that if Townhall or Shed has worker with profession set and building is able to harvest corresponding resource, harvest it instead of fixed one. Harvest fixed one if no professions set or building cannot harvest resource that profession represents.
  • Have mercy on hunters
    In the future hunters will fail hunting task if they get assaulted by wild beast and they take enough damage. If hunter continues to hunt before healing, he will probably die in the next encounter.
  • Change villager recruitment system.
    Shamans and military units are now changed so that regular workers / villagers may be trained. When villager learns enough related skills they may be promoted into different units from villager context menu. Villagers will be still recruited manually from Townhall, other classes will be trained from workers.
  • Improve operational messages
    Both villagers and buildings should provide more clear messages of their status and why they are doing or not doing something.

Bug Fixes

  • Assignments lost at season change
    Seasonal auto-assignment has been changed so that if user has set employment to villager and no professions, employment will persist even if employing building is not operational in current season. If user sets primary profession, it will guide villager to work at building which is in need of employees from user set profession. If none is found, villager will remain unemployed.
    In the end, user set primary employment (whether it has been set via profession or direct assignment) is the priority one assignment. If there are secondary professions set, they will take actions only if Primary employment is not operational for reason or another.
  • Hunter Hut glitched
    Additional check for dead workers is taking place when ever player opens up building window. If dead workers are still present, they will be removed. Added carnivore avoidance to hunters. Primary prey are critters that do not counter attack, if only carnivore in range, they will be hunted.
  • Duplicate villagers when demolishing residence with residents
    Villagers should become homeless when residential building has been destroyed if it holds any resident.
  • Saving while upgrading building in progress causes duplicate tier models to appear
    This has been fixed
  • Switch mouse scroll zoom to opposite direction
    Zoom in will now occur when user scrolls mouse wheel to front.
  • Commanding villager to move while performing butcher task causes hunt / butcher task to be lost
    This has been fixed
  • Targeting problems
    Resources such as trees or deposits will not be included in the targeting system unless worker has been selected or Left Shift held down while hovering with mouse. If worker(s) is selected and resource clicked, worker will be harvesting it and his/her primary profession will be adjusted accordingly.

Additional changes

Yet another iteration of environmental details has been made and here are some screen shots of current environment.

blog5 Environment02

blog5 Environment01

blog5 Village01

Follow the progress also on Twitter and Youtube!

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!

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